Silver Core Glass Bead Designs

Silver Core Glass Bead Charm Description
Glass Bead Charm Size Drawing
Silver Core Bead Sample
CHINA BEAD 925 silver core glass bead charms can fit and interchangeable with: PANDORA (well-known jewelry brand from Denmark)
CHAMILIA (well-known jewelry brand from USA)
BIAGI, Lovelinks, Tedora, Zable and other major jewelry brands on the market.

silver core bead size:
glass bead thickness: 7.0-7.5 mm
glass bead diameter: 13.5-14.0 mm
silver core hole diameter: 4.4-4.5 mm
Double Silver Core Glass Bead Samples
Silver Core Glass Bead Charm Production Process
entirely handmade murano glass bead mount with double 925 stamped sterling silver cores.
ChinaBead Glass Bead Crafter
CHINA BEAD was established in 1998 as a professional manufacturer specializing in the glass bead charms and beaded jewelry.
We have adept and experienced glass bead crafters make the high quality entirely handmade murano glass bead mount sterling silver cores.

design declaration:
1. because each glass bead entirely handmade and some complex design and styles such as ladybug, cut flower beads will be a little larger, since the design are raised, so the beads will have little size difference each other.
2. silver foil and golden foil design bead:
due to the glass beads are entirely handmade and very difficult for put the foils in glass bead with fire, so foil design can not cover whole bead sometimes.
Sterling Silver Cores
1. we guarantee each silver core is solid sterling silver and silver content more than 92.5%, No plating or cheap imitation silver is ever used.

2. each silver core hole size is about 4.5mm and
have 925 stamped on core edge and with slided center (NO threadeded, no pandora stamped)

3. each glass bead mount with double silver cores, so this style beads we
describe is silver core glass bead.
Macroporous Beads
1. the left picture is the sample glass bead we made, each glass bead has been checked with high quality and cleaned the bead hole without any dust.

2. we can make custom design glass bead mount with double silver core also, you can browse website customized bead for charm for detail.
Finished Silver Core Glass Bead Charms

1. the left picture is above glass bead mount with sterling silver cores, the glass bead each side mount with silver core, and the finished charm bead have completely silver hole through glass bead hole.

2. we can make customized brand logo stamped charm bead also, you can browse website custom brand logo beads for detail.

website show blue design silver core glass beads
1. the left picture is the finished glass bead charm and show on our website, you can find each side silver core have clear 925 stamped on core edge.
and our each silver core glass bead charm have the same production process.

we only produce quality silver core glass bead charms and ONLY deal with quality concerned customers, we never compete with cheap price poor quality beads market always, this is our business policy.

our bead charms price based on product quality and design similar to Pandora, Chamilia, Trollbeads well-known brand jewelries, please do not compare our price with market cheap price poor quality beads.
we are sorry and confirmed have not this type price items and please contact with us.

macroporous beads with sterling silver cores