Lock Clip Sterling Silver Bracelets & Necklaces
sterling silver material bracelet, leather bracelets, necklaces compatible and fit with Pandora, Chamilia, Lovelinks jewelry.
silver bracelet with custom stamped lock clip
Lock Clip Silver Bracelet Detail Price
chain length
(inch / centimeter)
925 sterling silver material
strong silver plated alloy material
item no. unit price M.O.Q request item no. unit price M.O.Q request
7.0'' (18cm)
LCB-1SS $25.5 2 pieces LCB-1SP $5.0 25 pieces
7.5'' (19cm)
LCB-2SS $26.0 2 pieces LCB-2SP $5.0 25 pieces
8.0" (20cm) LCB-3SS $27.5 2 pieces LCB-3SP $5.5 25 pieces
8.5"(21.5cm) LCB-4SS $28.0 2 pieces LCB-4SP $5.5 25 pieces
18.0'' (45cm) LCB-5SS $58.5 2 pieces LCB-5SP $7.5 25 pieces
20.0'' (51cm) LCB-6SS $60.5 2 pieces LCB-6SP $7.5 25 pieces

1. each bracelet can with sterling silver or base alloy silver plated material with customer request budget cost.
> sterling silver bracelets are solid sterling silver and silver content more than 92.5%, No plating or cheap imitation silver is ever used.
> base alloy braclet is lead and nickel free with strong silver plated, we guaranteee silver plate will not tarnish or turn dark over time.
2. bracelet diameter is about 3.0mm (4.3mm for dividers) and compatible Pandora, Chamilia, Tedora jewellery.
3. we can make custom stamped lock clip free charge based on bracelet or necklace order quantity more than 100 pieces.
customize stamped bracelet lock clip

Custom Stamped Three Style Bracelet (Only For Wholesale)
custom stamped 3 style bracelets
Silver Bracelet Chain Quality, lock clip and Chain Head Detail Picture
Silver Bracelets Chain Quality, lock clip and Chain Head Detail Picture
The Actual Photo For Our lock clip Silver Bracelet (7.5'' inch)
The Actual Photo For Our Silver Bracelets